Sigüenza: one city, three walls

Even though Sigüenza may seem a small city, it has continuously been growing throughout different periods of History, and its urban development can easily be seen today thanks to the remains of three enclosures of walls which were built to protect the city between the 12th and the 16th centuries. After the 17th century, the city did not stop growing, but the new neighbourhoods originated in that period, such as San Roque or the Arrabal, were no longer protected by walls.

Starting from the Castle towards the Cathedral, the first wall extended like two arms that would eventually intertwine, leaving the enclosure fully protected. Gates and passageways where built to connect the city with certain areas located outside of the walls, and towers served as surveillance, protecting the city and its inhabitants.

Nowadays, there are five of these gates that can still be seen, and a walk around the remains of the wall is highly recommended. From the Romanesque period, we can find the Puerta del Hierro, which was the main entrance and served as customs house, since the merchants had to pay their taxes at the entrance to be allowed to sell their products in the market. Also from that period, we can see the Arquillo de San Juan, which connected the Jewish and the Moorish quarters, and last but not least, the Puerta del Sol, where the sun rises.

From the Gothic period, the cube of the Peso, one of the defensive towers, and the Portal Mayor, with a niche showing an image of the Virgin and one of the most photographed corners of Sigüenza, with elegant palaces attached to both sides.

Next to the arcades of the Plaza Mayor, we can find the Puerta del Toril, through which the bulls would enter the square in the bullfighting festivals.

Two monumental gates were also built in the Renaissance period, called Medina and Guadalajara, but were overthrown in the War of Independence.

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