Sigüenza, to the conquest of the World Heritage.

Sigüenza and its citizens received an excellent piece of news in January 2020: our medieval city was to present its candidacy to UNESCO World Heritage, a prestigious nomination which would recognize the uniqueness of its architecture and history.

In 1986, Toledo was the first city in Castilla-La Mancha to be recognized as a World Heritage Site and so was Cuenca in 1996. Sigüenza would become the third city in the region to conquer the title of UNESCO World Heritage City.

Sigüenza is also preparing for the IX Centennial of the Reconquest, which will be held in 2024, and will position the city as one of the cultural capitals of Spain, with loads of commemorative acts.

Sigüenza has always had a busy cultural agenda, filled with lots of events such as concerts, exhibitions, recitals… After the lockdown, the agenda starts getting busy again and open spaces will take a privileged position to host this kind of events. For example, the past 12th July the cultural leisure program began with a concert by Santos Moreno and Javier Villaverde, two of the most beloved musicians in the city, held at San Vicente square.

But the crown jewel is the outstanding exhibition of El Prado Museum, on the streets of Sigüenza. From July 13th  to August 26th, 50 life-size photographic reproductions of the masterpieces of El Prado Museum, will be exhibited in the Plaza Mayor, a pleasure for the views of whoever strolls our streets these days.

Not to be missed and definitely a great opportunity to know Sigüenza and enjoy the cultural agenda the City Hall prepares for locals and visitors.

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