Sleeping in a Haunted Medieval Castle

I personally find that, when you love people and places around you it’s kind of natural, it just happens without even noticing it. No matter how beautiful your town or village is, you’ll typically find it the most beautiful one. It’s not just like a physical attraction, I guess…it’s also about the memories it reminds you of, great moments spent there, people you met…

What I find really fascinating is when someone who comes to a place for the first time, immediately falls in love with it and has the same feelings. That is what happens to many of the visitors that come to Sigüenza. I love it when they tell me “I’m looking forward to coming back” even before they’ve left!

I’ve always worked with people from different countries, some of them are expats, some of them are spending their gap year here in Spain, some of them chose to retire in our country or to start a new life… And that’s how I came across “Spain Revealed”, a series of videos made by James Blick (@jamesblickspain) and Yolanda Martín (@flamencoguide), which show our lifestyle and culture with the aim of helping foreigners understand and explore Spain like locals. Their passion and love towards my country, makes me feel incredibly flattered.

In this post, I wanted to share a video they filmed in Sigüenza when staying at our Parador Nacional. You can really tell how much they loved their stay and also, how much they learned about our culture and history thanks to my colleague Jorge Sopeña, historian and local tour guide (@siguenza_visitas_guiadas_jorge).

Visiting and exploring new places is always a good idea, but doing it with a tour guide is even better! Make the most of your trips with a local tour guide, it’s really worth it!

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