Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions between Aránzazu Pérez Gil (Sigüenza Tours) and customers who purchase our tours and services through our website, via email or by phone. This Agreement explains how to purchase tours and services and specifically limits the liability of Aránzazu Pérez Gil (Sigüenza Tours).

You must read this Agreement before using the Sigüenza Tours website and booking a tour. By using the website you warrant that you understand, agree and accept all terms and conditions contained herein.

1) Bookings with Sigüenza Tours
Bookings can be made online through Sigüenza Tours website, by email or phone. Once the booking is confirmed in accordance with paragraph 2 of the Terms and Conditions, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer detailing the meeting place, date, time and the guide’s contact information.
Changes to dates, times, and numbers of participants will be subject to the Sigüenza Tours Cancellation, Amendment and Refund Policy (paragraph 3).

2) Payments
All payments must be completed in full at the time of the booking. Partial deposits are not accepted as a booking guarantee.
Payments for all tours by Sigüenza Tours can be made by PayPal or credit/debit card. Cash payments on the day of the tour will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances..
All prices are indicated in EUR and all charges will be made in EUR with conversion rates relevant on the day of the booking.

3) Cancellation, Amendment and Refund Policy
The dates, times, numbers of participants can be amended upon agreement with the guide. All amendments should be discussed via email as early as possible. While the amendments to date and time are free, extra participants may be subject to additional charge. Please note that amendments to date and time may not be possible during high season (May-September).
Sigüenza Tours reserves the right to restrict the number of participants to ensure the highest standard of the private tour experience. In the unlikely event of a tour being cancelled on our side,Sigüenza Tours will offer an alternative tour date or a full refund. If the customer wishes to cancel the tour up to 48 hours before it starts, he/she is entitled to a 50% refund. No refunds are issued for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the tour date. All cancellations are to be be discussed via email or by phone.
Exceptions can be made for cancellations and refunds requested due to a ‘force majeure’ event, such as extreme weather conditions or serious health issues.

4) Photo and Video Footage
Photo and video footage of the customer shot during the tour will not be used without the customer’s permission. If we want to use any of the photos or videos for marketing purposes or on our social media channels, we will get in touch and request the customer’s consent.

5) Liability Release
The customer is strongly encouraged to obtain suitable medical insurance prior to travelling and booking a tour. While our tours are not adventurous in nature and do not require special physical preparation, all travel involves an element of risk.
The customer must take care of his/her own personal belongings. Sigüenza Tours will not be liable for any theft, damage, direct or consequential loss, inconvenience, however caused, unless due to negligence by the guide, in which case the liability of Sigüenza Tours is limited.

6) Modification of the Terms of this Agreement
We reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement from time to time.

7) Privacy Policy
Personal information provided in the bookings (email, phone, personal names) will not be used for purposes other than services provided by Sigüenza Tours and will not be shared with third parties without customers’ consent.